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Get your home office smart

Become more productive in your Home Office

The phone rings, a new mail inbox, the next meeting five minutes ahead- a typical day in the home office. The most important thing is to keep a clear head. Stuffy air in the home office or cool air in the room doesn´t really help. With your smart equipment by TEXINO, you automatically ensure the perfect working climate in the office - and create your own personal Smart Office.


The humidity sensor detects increased humidity in the officce

  • The wall thermostat with humidity sensor senses the room temperature and detects increased humidity in the office.

  • The wall thermostat senses the room temperature and keeps the heating at optimal working temperature for you.

  • The CO2 sensor measures increased carbon dioxide levels in the room.

  • The window control automatically signals to open the windows and close them again when the air quality is optimal.

  • With the optional GEALAN CAIRE smart ventilation system using heat recovery, you reduce window opening cycles for fresh air extraction and live even more energy-efficiently


  • Optimal room climate for productive work.

  • Heating energy is regulated individually.

Necessary products

Access Point

Access Point

The access point is the technical hub of your smart home.



Window Control

The window control enables the integration of various drives into the Homematic IP world, both in direct installation and as a retrofit.



Turn-tilt Drive

The turn-tilt drive enables the automatic tilting and closing of conventional turn-tilt windows, which enables automated ventilation and closing of windows with your smart home system.



CO2 Sensor

The CO2 sensor measures the CO2 pollution in the rooms reliably.


Wandthermostat mit Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor

Wall Thermostat with Humidity Sensor

Placed anywhere in the room, the wall thermostat measures temperature and humidity. It forwards all commands to the radiator thermostats automatically.


Alternative products

Wandtaster 2-fach

Double Wall Switch

All areas in the smart home can be controlled with the wall switch.


Optional products provided by our partners


Ventilation System

GEALAN CAIRE Smart is an intelligent ventilation system using heat recovery.


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More application cases

Eine Frau steht in der Dusche. In der beschlagenen Duschwand ist ein Herz gemalt.

Regulate humidity in the bathroom

With your smart home equipment by TEXINO, you ensure the ideal bathroom climate automatically, preventing fogged mirrors and mold.


Eine Frau liegt schlafend im Bett. Die Sonnenstrahlen der hochfahrenden Rollos scheinen in den dunklem Raum auf ihr Gesicht.

Optimum indoor climate in the bedroom

With TEXINO you create a smart bedroom, adapting to your and your loved ones´ sleeping habits.