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How secure is my data? Where is data stored?

The Homematic IP cloud is operated exclusively on German servers. In addition, the operation of the Homematic IP system is anonymous, for technical reasons only the IP address is recorded encrypted. This means that it is not possible to draw conclusions about the identity of the user or individual user behavior.

Are there any ongoing costs for using the Homematic IP app?

There are no ongoing costs for the Homematic IP system. The app, both for iOS and Android, is also available for download in the respective store free of charge.

Are TEXINO products only suitable for use in new buildings or is it also suitable for retrofitting?

As a wireless solution, TEXINO and Homematic IP are suitable for retrofitting in apartments and single-family houses - whether owned or rented - as well as in new buildings. Both are particularly interesting for smart home beginners. However, it can also be used to expand existing smart home solutions.

Which functions are available for TEXINO when the internet connection is active or inactive?

The TEXINO system is set up and controlled via the free Homematic IP smartphone app in combination with the Homematic IP cloud service.

Compared to alternative systems, Homematic IP actuators offer the distinct advantage that cloud-independent functions, such as heating and time profiles and the communication of individual devices with each other, remain autonomous even without an active Internet and cloud connection thanks to an integrated memory.

Cloud-dependent functions include all rules generated in automation, shading configurations such as lock-out protection, storm protection, thermal protection or escape function, as well as the integration of voice control services. These are checked in the cloud and always also require an active Internet and cloud connection. It is recommended to connect the Homematic IP devices via group functions, such as light and shading groups. On the one hand, this reduces radio traffic, and on the other hand, all connections created via these groups remain functional even without an Internet connection.

Moreover, when using voice control services such as Amazon Alexa or Google, it is recommended to additionally use Homematic IP remote controls or push buttons to control your devices in order to be able to switch your components on and off at any time even without active voice control.

How many devices can I enroll in one system?

Up to 80 devices can be connected to one Access Point (HmIP-HAP). Thanks to Advanced Routing, multiple Access Points can be combined, allowing additional devices to be integrated into the system. Another access point enables the integration of 40 additional devices.*

The app is optimized for managing up to 20 rooms and 15 smartphones. An overview of the maximum number of rooms and devices within the system can also be found in the Homematic IP user manual.

Is it possible to increase the radio range of the system?

As a rule, Homematic IP wireless components communicate interference-free even over considerable distances within buildings thanks to a free-field range of about 200 - 300 meters. However, due to unfavorable structural conditions or non-ideal placement of components, the reception of individual components may not be optimal.

In order to optimize the radio range in these cases, Homematic IP offers two basic options. Details on this can be found in the user manual in the section entitled Range extension.

Advanced routing can be used to extend the wireless range of the smart home system to buildings of practically any size. Concrete ceilings, basements or large properties are no longer a problem. For this purpose, several access points (HmIP-HAP) are simply connected via Ethernet, Powerline or a WLAN repeater with LAN connection.

Alternatively, the following products also offer the possibility of range extension. However, the use of an additional Homematic IP access point (HmIP-HAP) is preferable.

  • Homematic IP Switching socket (HmIP-PS)
  • Homematic IP Switching Measurement Socket (HmIP-PSM)
  • Homematic IP Switching Board (HmIP-PCBS)
Is it possible to link the TEXINO products directly with each other?

The devices can communicate directly with each other in some cases. This means that links, e.g. between window contacts and heating actuators or between wall thermostats and underfloor heating actuators, are available even if the Internet connection is disrupted. The Homematic IP cloud service automatically determines all necessary links among the devices and then creates them independently.

Can I manage TEXINO devices without an access point via Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

The connection of TEXINO with Amazon Alexa or Google Home always takes place between the Homematic IP Cloud and the respective voice assistant. The connection to the cloud is established via an access point (HmIP-HAP or HmIPW-DRAP).

Therefore, a direct connection between a TEXINO device and a voice assistant is only possible via an access point.

How does the firmware of my Homematic IP devices get updated?

To ensure that your Homematic IP devices always remain up to date, Homematic IP offers the option to update the device software (firmware) of its components. The device software controls all functions of your Homematic IP device.

Usually, the Homematic IP devices are updated using the background update. Thereby, the firmware of the device is updated in the background via wireless connection. Some other devices are updated to the latest version via a live update, which must be performed directly in the Homematic IP app.

Which ports are necessary for the operation of the access point?

As standard, the Homematic IP access point can be put into operation without changing the router settings.
However, when used e.g. in a WLAN or a guest network with limited options, certain ports may have to be enabled for communication with the Homematic IP Cloud.

If, however, the access point cannot establish a connection to the Homematic IP Cloud during commissioning (signaled by blue flashing of the system button), this may be due to the individual settings of your router. Please also deactivate the energy-saving mode for the port of the router to which you have connected the Homematic IP Access.

To ensure smooth operation of the Homematic IP system, the following TCP ports must be enabled:

  • Communication between HmIP-HAP, HmIP-WLAN-HAP or HmIPW-DRAP and Cloud: 80, 9292 and 43439.
  • Communication between smartphone app and cloud: 6969, 8888 and 48335

If a connection to the cloud still cannot be established, check whether you have blocked BitTorrent in the access profiles of your router.

In which languages is the Homematic IP app available?

Currently, the Homematic IP App is available in German, Norwegian, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Spanish.

Are Homematic devices also compatible with TEXINO?

No, the Homematic devices (not Homematic IP) are not supported by the Homematic IP app solution.

How can I become a TEXINO partner?

Upon request

With which windows are the TEXINO products suitable?

TEXINO products are specially designed for VEKA und GEALAN - windows

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