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Window Control

The window control allows you to integrate various drives into your smart home.

  • High compatibility: Can be combined with the TEXINO turn/tilt drive as well as other 24V drives with pole-changing control.
  • Concealed installation: The components of the window control unit are inconspicuously integrated into the frame and thus ensure a clean and elegant appearance of your windows.
  • Simple handling: Commissioning is uncomplicated and user-friendly. The setting options directly on the window control allow you to quickly and easily adjust the desired parameters for your window in the Homematic IP app.

The TEXINO window control offers you a variety of options for integrating different window drives into your smart home – whether directly during installation or as a retrofit solution. For example, with the control unit and a suitable drive, you can open hard-to-reach windows with just one click via the Homematic IP app. Or you can have the window close automatically when it rains if you have also equipped your smart home with a weather sensor.

The window control was specially developed for VEKA and GEALAN profiles to ensure optimal compatibility and smooth integration. You can easily use the system with windows from these brands and benefit from additional functions for your smart home. The control unit can be mounted invisibly.



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The app is the intuitive control center of your smart home.


Access Point

Access Point

With the Homematic IP access point you can control your smart home from anywhere.



Turn-tilt Drive

The tilt-turn drive allows you to automatically tilt and close windows in your home.


Netzteil 24V

Power Supply 24V

The power supply unit can be concealed in the wall.


Application cases

Eine Frau steht in der Dusche. In der beschlagenen Duschwand ist ein Herz gemalt.

Regulate humidity in the bathroom

With your smart home equipment by TEXINO, you ensure the ideal bathroom climate automatically, preventing fogged mirrors and mold.


Eine Frau liegt schlafend im Bett. Die Sonnenstrahlen der hochfahrenden Rollos scheinen in den dunklem Raum auf ihr Gesicht.

Optimum indoor climate in the bedroom

With TEXINO you create a smart bedroom, adapting to your and your loved ones´ sleeping habits.


Ein Mann sitzt in seinem Schreibtisch und arbeitet am Laptop

Work more productively in the home office

With your smart equipment by TEXINO, you ensure the perfect working atmosphere in the office automatically - and create your own personal smart office.


Ein Mann sitzt im Rollstuhl am Tisch, auf dem ein Sprachassistent steht.

Barrier-free control

Make it easy for yourself: With a smart home that automatically responds to your needs.


Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhauses. Die Sonne scheint ins Fenster, das Rollo ist heruntergefahren.

Shade automatically

Smart shading with TEXINO makes life in your own home pleasant, even in midsummer.


Ein Hund und ein kleines Kind sitzen vor dem Fenster und schauen nach draußen. Draußen regnet es.

Closing windows automatically

There's lightning, there's a bang - and your windows are open? With TEXINO you can protect your your own home automatically - with windows and shading that react to servere weather automatically.


Eine Familie sitzt eng nebeneinander im Wohnzimmer. Mutter und Vater sitzen jeweils außen und halten eine Hand hoch und verbinden diese in der Luft zu der Form eines Hausdachs.

Building envelope protection with panic button

With the building envelope protection byTEXINO you can secure your home with one click, lock windows and doors and activate shading automatically.