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Eine Frau liegt schlafend im Bett. Die Sonnenstrahlen der hochfahrenden Rollos scheinen in den dunklem Raum auf ihr Gesicht.

Optimize the indoor climate in the bedroom

Is there anything better than a restful sleep? But not only the soft bed is crucial, the right room climate also plays an important role. Is it too warm? Then we sweat restlessly through the nights. Is the air too dry? Then we wake up with an unpleasant scratchy throat. The solution: a smart bedroom that adapts to the sleeping needs of you and your loved ones.


Automatically regulate temperature, ventilate smartly and wake up with the first rays of sunlight

  • The wall thermostat with humidity sensor detects the room temperature and humidity. So it keeps the heating at optimal sleeping temperature and detects increased humidity in your bedroom.

  • The CO2 sensor monitors carbon dioxide levels.

  • The window control automatically signals the tilt and turn actuator to open the windows and close them again when the humidity and air quality are optimal.

  • Shutter or blind actuators open the blackout at daybreak.

  • Optionally, with the GEALAN CAIRE smart ventilation system with heat recovery, you can sleep soundly even when there is a lot of outside noise.


  • Optimal room climate for relaxed sleep.

  • Mould formation due to excessive humidity is prevented.

  • Heating energy is individually controlled.

  • Waking up naturally thanks to daylight.

Necessary products

Access Point

Access Point

With the Homematic IP access point you can control your smart home from anywhere.



Window Control

The window control enables the integration of various drives into your smart home, both in direct installation and retrofittable.



Turn-tilt Drive

The tilt-turn drive allows you to automatically tilt and close windows in your home.



Shutter Actuator

The shutter actuator allows you to program or individually control awnings or shutters with wired tubular motors.



CO2 Sensor

The CO2 sensor reliably measures the CO2 pollution in your rooms.


Radiator Thermostat

Connect your heating to your smart home and automatically control the temperature in your home.


Alternative products

Shutter Actuator for Brand Switches

Automate the control of your roller shutters and awnings.



Blinds Actuator

With the blinds actuator you have full control over the individual control of your external venetian blinds or shutters.


Blinds Actuator for Brand Switches

Control blinds and venetian blinds conveniently and automatically via all common drives.


Wandtaster 2-fach

Double Wall Switch

The wall switch can be used to control all areas in your smart home.


Wall-mounted Remote Control - 6 buttons

Have full control over your smart home.


Wall-mounted Remote Control - flat

The flat remote control allows you to perform clever functions at the touch of a button.


Wandthermostat mit Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor

Wall Thermostat with Humidity Sensor

The wall thermostat measures the temperature and humidity when placed anywhere in the room.


Radiator Thermostat - Evo

Bring together intelligent heating and a stylish, excellent design.


Optional products provided by our partners


Ventilation System

GEALAN CAIRE Smart is an intelligent ventilation system using heat recovery.


You want to make your sleep smart?

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