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Light Sensor - outdoor

The light sensor allows you to conveniently and accurately measure the outdoor brightness.

  • Versatile: The light sensor is the basis for many new application possibilities in combination with other smart home devices.
  • Uncomplicated operation: The battery-powered light sensor is immediately ready for use thanks to radio communication.
  • Flexible installation: Wall mounting the light sensor is real easy thanks to the included dowels and screws. In addition, the device can alternatively be used as a stand-alone device.

The Homematic IP light sensor reliably measures the brightness in the outdoor area, which you can then conveniently read out via the free Homematic IP app. In combination with other smart home devices such as window controls or switchable sockets, it can be used in a variety of ways. In summer, for example, you can automatically activate the shading to protect your home from overheating. The sensor measures the light values in lux and forwards the measured data to the Homematic IP access point and the networked devices. These react according to your desired configuration. For example, when it gets dark, the lighting in your home can be activated while the windows close automatically.

Thanks to battery operation and wireless communication, the Homematic IP light sensor is immediately ready for use and can be flexibly deployed. Outdoors, you ideally mount it on the wall or set it up in the desired location. The necessary mounting accessories such as dowels and screws come with the light sensor.



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The app is the intuitive control center of your smart home.


Access Point

Access Point

With the Homematic IP access point you can control your smart home from anywhere.



Shutter Actuator

The shutter actuator allows you to program or individually control awnings or shutters with wired tubular motors.


Shutter Actuator for Brand Switches

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With the blinds actuator you have full control over the individual control of your external venetian blinds or shutters.


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Application cases

Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhauses. Die Sonne scheint ins Fenster, das Rollo ist heruntergefahren.

Shade automatically

Smart shading with TEXINO makes life in your own home pleasant, even in midsummer.


Ein Mann sitzt in seinem Schreibtisch und arbeitet am Laptop

Work more productively in the home office

With your smart equipment by TEXINO, you ensure the perfect working atmosphere in the office automatically - and create your own personal smart office.


Eine Familie sitzt im dunklen Kinderzimmer in einem Kinderzelt, die Rollos sind heruntergefahren.

Automatic privacy screen

We prefer to keep some moments to ourselves. Your TEXINO Smart Home protects you from the looks of nosy neighbors and automatically closes the window shade when it gets dark.


Eine Familie ist an einem verschneiten Tag im Wald spazieren. Im vorderen Bereich des Bildes ist ein Hund zu sehen.

Regulate heat individually

Are you coming home from the office after a long day at work or from a winter walk with your loved ones? With smart equipment by TEXINO, you can regulate your living space to the desired temperature shortly before you arrive.


Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhaus, bei dem die Innenbeleuchtung eingeschaltet ist.

Simulate presence

Holidays are for relaxing - not for worrying. With TEXINO you can protect your home easily, deceive thieves and travel with peace of mind.