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CO2 Sensor

The CO2 sensor reliably measures the CO2 pollution in your rooms.

  • LED indicators: The five LEDs of the CO2 sensor light up according to the CO2 content. One LED lights up when the CO2 content is low and five LEDs light up when the CO2 content is high. If necessary, this light can also be deactivated. In addition, a notification message can be set in the app.
  • Flexible mounting: With the supplied mounting brackets, you can mount the sensor in various positions.
  • Seamless integration: The sensor was specially developed for mounting in standard flush-mounted boxes and can be seamlessly integrated into existing switch series with 55 frame dimensions.

The Homematic IP CO2 sensor is the right tool to improve the air quality in your home. It not only monitors temperature and humidity, but also measures the CO2 content in ppm. The current CO2 level can be easily read via the five integrated LEDs on the device or the Homematic IP smartphone app. This gives you the opportunity to take timely action to improve the indoor air – for example, by automatically opening a window using the TEXINO tilt and turn drive. Imagine you are sitting concentrated in your home office or with your family at the kitchen table. You don't have to worry about the air quality in the rooms, because your home office automatically ensures sufficient oxygen by detecting the CO2 content and opening the window.

The compact design of the sensor makes it easy to install in standard flush-mounted boxes. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the sensor into your existing switch series with 55 mm mounting dimensions from the most manufacturers.



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The app is the intuitive control center of your smart home.


Access Point

Access Point

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Turn-tilt Drive

The tilt-turn drive allows you to automatically tilt and close windows in your home.


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With TEXINO you create a smart bedroom, adapting to your and your loved ones´ sleeping habits.


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