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Travel reassured thanks to TEXINO

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Smart Home components for your home

More quality of life - automated and comfortable - using TEXINO's Smart Home components. 

Create a healthier indoor climate in your home. More security for your home during absences or storms. Quite simple, more comfortable and extra time for the important things of life. Using your Smart Home components by TEXINO, you bring more quality of life into your home - simple, inexpensive, and easy to upgrade. 


One system, various options

Numerous aspects that we would otherwise have to think about are controlled automatically with TEXINO Smart Home. From the perfect room climate in the bedroom to smart door unlocking and automatic shading.

Texino Smarthome Wohnung Grundriss

Optimize the indoor climate in the bedroom


Work more productively in the home office


Regulate humidity in the bathroom


Opening the front door using your smartphone or remote control


Automatic privacy screen at dusk


Protect your rooms against solar radiation automatically


Our highlights

Versatile, inexpensive, and easy to upgrade. Here are our highlights.


Texino Smarthome Wohnung Innenansicht

Turn tilt drive


Window control


Controlling by the push of a button, app or voice command

Controlling your TEXINO Smart Home is as easy as pie: whether via hardware within your home, ready to hand at any time via app or especially conveniently on demand.




Controlled centrally via app

No matter where you are: With the free Homematic IP smartphone app, you have everything in view. Control your TEXINO Smart Home at any time and from anywhere. Simply convenient.

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Touch Bedienung

Touch operation

Opening windows without effort

Exhausting turning and pulling? That doesn't have to happen. The smart touch operation for window frames allows you to open windows with just one touch.

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Voice control with Alexa

Voice control

"Alexa - please turn up the heating."

Just turn up the heating, ventilate or check whether the front door is really locked? Nothing could be easier: with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to enter instructions for your smart home.

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Completely compatible with Homematic IP

Your TEXINO Smart Home can be expanded with many additional Smart Home components - for example, with products from our partner Homematic IP. Your advantage: You have almost unlimited options to expand your Smart Home and at the same time benefit from the offer as well as the years of experience of the traditional German company and Smart Home market leader*. 

*) Smart Homes and Home Automation Study (04/2022) Berg Insight regarding "Whole Home"-Systems

Texino Homematic IP Partnerschaft

Certified data protection

Your data is safe while using TEXINO - at any time. Our cloud service is operated by German servers and is subject to both strict European and German data protection guidelines. In addition the use is anonymous, only the IP address is recorded encrypted. Your data is anonymized within the cloud, and the entire communication between cloud, app and access point is encrypted.

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Texino Homematic IP Zertifikate und Siegel

Smart Home News

Find out about all the new products at TEXINO.


Exclusive partnership

Two companies, one conviction: A smart home needs smart windows. That's why eQ-3, the European home control market leader, and VEKA, the world leader in vinyl window profiles, are combining their expertise to develop the smart window based on Homematic IP

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Your window can do even more: TEXINO makes Smart Home easy

The exclusive partnership between Homematic IP and VEKA now has both a name and a face: TEXINO. Conveniently networking your own rooms: With TEXINO's smart home solutions, you can create a safe and healthy home with just a few clicks.

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Homematic IP certified by AV-Test for the sixth time

For the sixth time in a row, Homematic IP passes the review by AV-Test "without any problems" and receives the coveted certificate "Tested Smart Home Product" again in 2022


Homematic turns the smartphone into a smart key

With the new door lock actuator from Homematic IP, front doors can be easily opened and locked via smartphone. In the Homematic IP app, the user has the status of the door and any settings at a glance at all times.

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