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Shutter Actuator for Brand Switches

Simplify your everyday life with the Homematic IP shutter actuator for brand switches, which allows you to automatically control your shutters and awnings via all common tubular motors.

  • Flexible scheduling: Create your personal weekly profile and enjoy time-controlled raising and lowering of your roller shutters and awnings – according to your individual needs.
  • High compatibility: The shutter actuator is compatible with all wired tubular motors.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to the corresponding adapter, you can easily integrate the flush-mounted actuator into the most common designs of leading switch manufacturers. Whether Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Merten, Berker, Jung or Düwi - your Smart Home remains stylish and harmonious.

The Homematic IP shutter actuator for brand switches allows you to automatically control shutters and awnings via all common tubular motors. After simple commissioning with automatic calibration travel, you can define individual weekly profiles that can even be oriented to sunrise and sunset. Are you an early riser? Then let the shutters go up with the first rays of sunshine without having to get out of bed.

Alternatively, you can also use the Homematic IP remote control or operate the roller shutter in the classic way via the rocker on the switch. However, the shutter actuator is not only the right foundation for a smarter everyday life, but also for a safer home. Imagine you are on holiday and want your home to look lived in. With the Homematic IP shutter actuator, you can set an individual weekly profile that raises and lowers the shutters at different times. If you also have the Homematic IP light sensor in your smart home, you can even activate the shutters precisely when there is strong sunlight or cloudy skies. In this way, you simulate presence and deter potential burglars.

The shutter actuator for brand switches is suitable for installation in classic flush-mounted boxes and can be integrated into existing switch series of the leading manufacturers with our adapters. You do not have to buy new frames or rockers, but can continue to use the existing ones.



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The app is the intuitive control center of your smart home.


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Access Point

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Application cases

Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhauses. Die Sonne scheint ins Fenster, das Rollo ist heruntergefahren.

Shade automatically

Smart shading with TEXINO makes life in your own home pleasant, even in midsummer.


Eine Frau liegt schlafend im Bett. Die Sonnenstrahlen der hochfahrenden Rollos scheinen in den dunklem Raum auf ihr Gesicht.

Optimum indoor climate in the bedroom

With TEXINO you create a smart bedroom, adapting to your and your loved ones´ sleeping habits.


Eine Familie sitzt im dunklen Kinderzimmer in einem Kinderzelt, die Rollos sind heruntergefahren.

Automatic privacy screen

We prefer to keep some moments to ourselves. Your TEXINO Smart Home protects you from the looks of nosy neighbors and automatically closes the window shade when it gets dark.


Ein Mann sitzt im Rollstuhl am Tisch, auf dem ein Sprachassistent steht.

Barrier-free control

Make it easy for yourself: With a smart home that automatically responds to your needs.


Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhaus, bei dem die Innenbeleuchtung eingeschaltet ist.

Simulate presence

Holidays are for relaxing - not for worrying. With TEXINO you can protect your home easily, deceive thieves and travel with peace of mind.


Ein Hund und ein kleines Kind sitzen vor dem Fenster und schauen nach draußen. Draußen regnet es.

Closing windows automatically

There's lightning, there's a bang - and your windows are open? With TEXINO you can protect your your own home automatically - with windows and shading that react to servere weather automatically.


Eine Familie sitzt eng nebeneinander im Wohnzimmer. Mutter und Vater sitzen jeweils außen und halten eine Hand hoch und verbinden diese in der Luft zu der Form eines Hausdachs.

Building envelope protection with panic button

With the building envelope protection byTEXINO you can secure your home with one click, lock windows and doors and activate shading automatically.