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Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhauses. Die Sonne scheint ins Fenster, das Rollo ist heruntergefahren.

Keep a cool head

Protect your rooms against solar radiation automatically

Summer is for enjoying - not sweating. But unfortunately, direct sunlight often causes your apartment or house to heat up considerably during the bright season. Smart shading with TEXINO makes life pleasant again within your own home.


Shut windows automatically and activate shading

  • The wall thermostat with humidity sensor detects your room temperature.

  • The window control system automatically signals the tilt and turn actuator to close the windows when the temperature rises.

  • Shutter or blind actuators activate the shading.

  • The optional Homematic IP light sensor provides the basis for even more targeted control by measuring incoming light.


  • Overheating your home is avoided automatically.

  • Even when you are not at home, you are able to prevent the rooms heating up.

Necessary products

Access Point

Access Point

The access point is the technical hub of your smart home.



Shutter Actuator

The roller shutter actuator enables programmable or individual control of awnings or roller shutters.


Wandthermostat mit Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor

Wall Thermostat with Humidity Sensor

Placed anywhere in the room, the wall thermostat measures temperature and humidity. It forwards all commands to the radiator thermostats automatically.


Alternative products


Blinds Actuator

The blinds actuator enables programmable or individual control of external venetian blinds or blinds.


Optional products provided by our partners

Lichtsensor aussen

Light Sensor - Outdoor

The Homematic IP Light Sensor - Outdoor measures the luminous intensity outdoors.


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More application cases

Frau sitzt im Winter am geöffnetem Fenster und genießt die Sonnenstrahlen

Turning off heating automatically

The smart home by TEXINO thinks for you: with intelligent radiator thermostats which turn down automatically when windows are open .