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Eine Frau läuft auf ihre Haustür zu, in beiden Händen hält sie eine Einkaufstüte.

Opening the front door using your smartphone or remote control

The stuffed shopping bag clutched in your left hand, the parcel you've picked up tucked firmly under your right arm - and the front door key hidden somewhere in your trouser pocket or handbag? It could be much easier. With TEXINO, you can conveniently unlock the front door in advance, for example while you are getting out of the car. Simply with one click on your smartphone or remote control.


Opening your front door using your smartphone or remote control

  • Using the app or remote control, you can unlock your front door with just one click.
  • After receiving a signal, the door lock actuator will unlock the front door automatically and family, friends and guests can enter easily.


  • Unlock the front door easily with one click.

  • The annoying search for a key is no longer necessary.

  • Even people who don´t own an own key are able to  gain individual access to your home - for example, the mailman, cleaners or nursing staff.

  • You can also check on the go whether your house or apartment is locked.

  • You can also lock your front door automatically at certain times.

  • It can be retrofitted in a few simple steps.

Necessary products

Access Point

Access Point

With the Homematic IP access point you can control your smart home from anywhere.



Door Lock Drive

The door lock drive connects the front door with your smart home.


Schluesselbundfernbedienung - Zutritt

Keychain Remote Control - Access

You can unlock the front door without a separate key by means of a keychain remote control.


Alternative products


Control your front door flexibly and conveniently with the Homematic IP keypad.


Open your front door easily using smart home?

We will be happy to advise you on your options and installation requirements.


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More application cases

Eine Familie sitzt im dunklen Kinderzimmer in einem Kinderzelt, die Rollos sind heruntergefahren.

Automatic privacy screen

We prefer to keep some moments to ourselves. Your TEXINO Smart Home protects you from the looks of nosy neighbors and automatically closes the window shade when it gets dark.


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Barrier-free control

Make it easy for yourself: With a smart home that automatically responds to your needs.


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Regulate heat individually

Are you coming home from the office after a long day at work or from a winter walk with your loved ones? With smart equipment by TEXINO, you can regulate your living space to the desired temperature shortly before you arrive.