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Außenaufnahmen eines Einfamilienhaus, bei dem die Innenbeleuchtung eingeschaltet ist.

Travel reassured thanks to TEXINO 

Simulate situation presence individually

Vacations are for relaxing - not for worrying. With TEXINO you can protect your home easily. The system simulates presence even when you are not at home - activates shading or light sources individually. So you can travel with peace of mind.


Activate blinds and shutters even when you're away

  • With the app, you determine the activity intervals of your blinds and shutters. 

  • The blind or shutter actuator opens or closes the shading according to schedule, simulating regular activity in the house or apartment. 

  • Via switchable sockets, you activate light sources at different times.


  • Regular operation of blinds and shutters simulates presence. 

  • Thieves are deterred by the activity. 

  • You can change and check activity intervals at any time via the app. 

Necessary products

Access Point

Access Point

The access point is the technical hub of your smart home.



Shutter Actuator

The roller shutter actuator enables programmable or individual control of awnings or roller shutters.



Switch Socket

The switch socket enables the power supply of electrical devices to be controlled while on the go.


Fenster- und Tuerkontakt

Window and Door Contact

The invisible window and door contact detects open windows and can also trigger an alarm if desired.


Alternative products


Blinds Actuator

The blinds actuator enables programmable or individual control of external venetian blinds or blinds.


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More application cases

Ein Hund und ein kleines Kind sitzen vor dem Fenster und schauen nach draußen. Draußen regnet es.

Closing windows automatically

There's lightning, there's a bang - and your windows are open? With TEXINO you can protect your your own home automatically - with windows and shading that react to servere weather warnings automatically.


Eine Familie sitzt eng nebeneinander im Wohnzimmer. Mutter und Vater sitzen jeweils außen und halten eine Hand hoch und verbinden diese in der Luft zu der Form eines Hausdachs.

Building envelope protection with panic button

With the building envelope protection byTEXINO you can secure your home with one click, lock windows and doors and activate shading automatically.