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Smoke Alarm with Q label

Thanks to its optical scattered light sensor unit, the Homematic IP smoke alarm reliably monitors smoke gas developments indoors.

  • Detect smoke in time: You can link up to 40 smoke alarms in your Smart Home. If one detects smoke, all other detectors also sound the alarm. In addition, a notification is sent via the free Homematic IP app.
  • Certified technology: The optical scattered light smoke alarm with Q-label is certified according to EN 14604.
  • Maintenance-free: The smoke alarms are maintenance-free and have permanently installed batteries with a service life of 10 years.
  • Emergency lighting: The LED emergency lighting serves as a visual aid in heavily smoky rooms.

The Homematic IP smoke alarm is a compact multi-talent: With its optical scattered light sensor, it not only detects smoke gas developments in the room air, but also impresses with many other innovative functions. For example, all smoke alarms operated in the smart home work together collectively: If, for example, a detector in the kitchen detects a fire, the smoke detectors on other floors and in other rooms also sound the alarm. In addition to the acoustic siren, the detectors also warn with an integrated LED emergency light, which can also serve as an orientation aid in heavily smoky rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms.

The smoke alarm system can be easily expanded: If required, up to 40 smoke detectors can be operated with a Homematic IP access point. In the event of a power failure, the smoke detectors remain directly networked with each other even without a connection to the access point and thus remain fully functional.



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