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Concealed Window and Door Contact

Discreetly installed: The Homematic IP window and door contact allows you to discreetly monitor doors and windows in your smart home.

  • Easy mounting: You do not need magnetic contacts to attach the sensor to your window. The double-sided adhesive tape makes mounting quick and easy.
  • Reliable detection: The window and door contacts reliably detect whether your windows and doors are open or closed. This allows you to activate both heating control devices and security components in your smart home.
  • Long life: By using AAA batteries, the Homematic IP window and door contact is designed for a long battery life.

The Homematic IP window and door contact for invisible installation enables discreet monitoring of doors and windows in your smart home. The sensor, which is only 15 mm narrow, can be easily attached to the inside of the window or door frame with two adhesive strips and is therefore easy to retrofit.

Once attached, it precisely determines the current state – whether open or closed – via a light barrier. For example, the window and door contact can give the signal to the heating thermostat to switch off during ventilation. In this way, you protect the environment and your budget. If you connect the contact to your blind or roller shutter control, you can automatically raise and lower your shading – depending on the window position. In addition, you protect yourself against unintentional locking out, for example, on the terrace or balcony.

An integrated sabotage protection reliably detects unwanted manipulations or the removal of the sensor. In addition, the Homematic IP app informs you about the current status of the monitored windows and doors at any time. So if thieves try to gain access to your house or flat, you will receive a notification in good time and can call the police immediately.



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