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Control your front door flexibly and conveniently with the Homematic IP keypad, which can be perfectly combined with the Homematic IP door lock drive.

  • Numerical code for door lock drive: Activate your Homematic IP door lock drive by entering numerical codes on the keypad.
  • Versatile control options: Combine the keypad with other Homematic IP devices and control lighting, garage door or alarm mode in your smart home.
  • Individual access management: Use eight different numerical codes and time-controlled access authorizations.
  • Automatic keypad illumination: Benefit from automatic illumination of the keypad when approached, thanks to the integrated proximity sensor in the Homematic IP keypad.

The Homematic IP keypad is an efficient addition to your Homematic IP door lock drive and allows you to control your front door according to your wishes at any time: Simply enter and confirm your secret numerical code to open, lock or unlock the door.

Furthermore, in combination with other Homematic IP devices, the keypad controls, for example, your lighting, opens the garage door or activates the alarm mode. With the Homematic IP app, you can create up to eight individual access codes that are either permanent or limited to certain times and days of the week. This way, your family has access to your four walls at all times, while your cleaning staff or care personnel only have access at certain times. Four-to eight-digit numerical codes, an integrated tamper contact and encrypted device communication reliably protect against unauthorized access. Each code entry is logged by the keypad and automatically blocked if too many incorrect entries are made.

The Homematic IP keypad can be easily mounted on the outside wall next to the front door thanks to the supplied mounting material. Additional or on-site wiring is not required.



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The app is the intuitive control center of your smart home.


Access Point

Access Point

With the Homematic IP access point you can control your smart home from anywhere.



Door Lock Drive

The door lock drive connects the front door with your smart home.


Application cases

Ein Mann sitzt im Rollstuhl am Tisch, auf dem ein Sprachassistent steht.

Barrier-free control

Make it easy for yourself: With a smart home that automatically responds to your needs.


Eine Frau läuft auf ihre Haustür zu, in beiden Händen hält sie eine Einkaufstüte.

Open the front door automatically

With TEXINO, you can open the front door with one click on your smartphone or remote control and save yourself the hassle of looking for your key.